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LCARS sounds for win 7
Hi guys,

i just modified my computerīs sounds and my windows sounds completely like lcars computer. Here are the sounds, they are named according to action you want to take and that make the matching to windows sounds easy.

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Re: LCARS sounds for win 7
This is improved upload. Download from here!

How Can I Contact Us.
Hi people: Just wanted to know if anyone could help out with this problem. I had to reinstall Lcars on a new hard drive and since I did I keep getting the register window. Looking at the page I don't see a contact Us so they can send me the registration number. Would anyone know what i can do to get it. Thanks. Hey you can e-mail me at

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Re: LCARS sounds for win 7
Please don't post a question in a thread that has nothing to do with the thread. We like to try to keep things relevant here and not hijack threads. I posted an answer in your thread.
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Re: LCARS sounds for win 7
You could try these...

From an old Star Trek themes CD I have in my possession. (Mainly earlier versions of windows)
Have fun Y'All!

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