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LCARS sound effects
Thanks again Ray for lcarsx32. Now that I'm a bit more savy with computers, I'm getting mine to work alot better.
I was reading some threads on the lcarsx32 mobile page, where someone mentioned sound effects and Majelle Barret's voice. I don't know if someone else has mentioned it, but LCARSNET.COM has a MAD amount of such sounds. The bad part is, in order to use the sounds, you have to set them on your Windows sound programs, and use Lcarsx32 short cut on your windows start-up menu.
Again, I must confess that I'm no Mr.Spock when it comes to computers, so there might be another way to use the lcars/Barret sounds on Lcarsx32.
By the way, as far as using the sounds on a smart phone... I dont know because my crappy mobile cant even handle ringtones properly, and I can't download any Lcars theme because of my cell service.
I know you got a lot on your plate when it comes to Lcarsx32, Ray. So I thought this might help a little.
Thanks again for a GREAT program. With time, and education, I plan on running my whole house with Lcarsx32.

Re: LCARS sound effects
I actually downloaded a big giant list of Trek computer sounds and messages, and had them as all my system sounds, but I kind of (forgive me for this blasphemy!) got tired of her voice... I eventually found a free online text-to-speech site with a good UK accent female voice, and I made a whole bunch of new system event sounds by combining the voice messages with some nice LCARS electronic sounds. The website is in case anyone else is interested in trying it, or if anybody is lazy I'll be glad to put mine up for download wherever we do that on this site!

Re: LCARS sound effects
Thanks for the advice "Bidi". I will ponder your changes with the sounds. However, I LOVE to hear Majell's voice. It gives it a more "Trek-ish" feel. Although, in time, I may feel like you do. I haven't figured out how to use any of the sounds when Lcarsx32 is my main theme(I use the short cut on my start up screen). I'm still pretty new to the whole computer thing, but I'm learning fast. I just found out that Ray put out a new incremental build today, but I don't have vista or windows 7. I'm not savy enough to know if it will work on my XP. I would love to know if you can use your sounds on Lcarsx32 as your main OS? Please let me know if you use the short cut like I do, or if you use Lcarsx32 as your main start-up. I would also like to know if you downloaded the new build, and how does it work for you, with your sound scheme? Thank you.

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Re: LCARS sound effects
its been awhile since Ive been active on the boards but if you look around there was another thread that discussed this same thing last year. There is away to do it without using the Icon but it requires you making some modifications so if you aren't computer savvy it may not be a road you want to travel. As for compatibility, x32 is compatible with win 95 - win 7. And there was even a few guys who got it to run quite well on Linux as well, that being said there may on occasion be a few bugs that need to be smashed but give it a try that way if you see a feature that doesn't work or doesn't work properly you can report it and remember you can run multiple instances of x32 at the same time and have more than 1 version installed. So play around and have fun.
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Re: LCARS sound effects
It would seem to me that the simplest way to do this would be to include a module whereby users could customize the sounds by changing the source file -- just like Windows. Wish I knew how to code.